Broken Bella Donna

{September 3, 2011}   Anybody out there?

Coroner had no end result, he just had more questions. SO we still don’t know.

I once had a blog where you could enter a line, with a click on the toolbar… that separated the different topics. I really liked that, and have never found a blog that does it since. Boo WordPress!

So… a million blog worthy thoughts have passed through my grey matter since I last wrote, but for reasons known not even to me, I don’t feel like blogging ATM. Once upon a time I enjoyed blogging, and I did it quite a bit. More recently I’ve used blogging as a method of sorting through my thoughts, and relieving some of the build up of stress. And now? I have no idea what blogging means to be. Which is sad.

Is it because I don’t have as much stress in my life? Highly unlikely. I’m still stressed, though not as much as I have been which is nice.

Is it because I don’t have an audience, therefore no one to appreciate my writing? I think this is certainly a part, and possibly a large part.

Is it because I’m so bloody busy lately I have no desire to regurgitate what I’m doing onto the internet, and too tired to need to sort through my thoughts? Possibly.

Lately I haven’t been speaking my personal thoughts to anyone, I’ve officially become someone with no real friends and certainly no one I confide in. This makes me an unhappy panda. You’d think that this would cause me to blog MORE but seemingly not.

In saying that… at least there’s no one around to disagree with me or look down on what I have to say. In real life, or online. So that’s a bonus.


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