Broken Bella Donna

{November 15, 2011}   Nature is Lifes Best Teacher.

Spring is the funniest time of year. Not ha ha funny, but just… thought-provoking, for me.

I spend a lot of time outside, where I can, at the best of times. Spring makes this easier, after the worst of the rain and cold and before the heat and risks that come with that. Standing outside right now, with the panoramic view around me, it just makes my brain rattle.

The thing with nature… it doesn’t care. It doesn’t care about anxiety, or death, or pain or hurt or fear. Equally, it doesn’t care about confidence, or birth, or happiness or acceptance or pleasure.

I love nature. I consider myself a nature child; happiest when outdoors, working under the sun, standing in the rain, bushwalking, photographing nature – you get the idea. So right now I’m really trying hard to absorb some of Mother Natures finest offerings – peace.

I want to lean into the inclement weather and know that after the shitstorm, there will again be warmth and sun. I want to sit back and let everything wash over me. I want to know that no matter what… it will bloom again.

The bees are buzzing, one of the most important hunter gatherers. Flowers are filling the air with their radiant perfume, leaves have unfurled, fruit flowers have blossomed, been pollinated and are now starting anew as tiny little potentials. The vegetable seeds have woken from dormancy, grown up tall and strong and are now starting on their final journey to adulthood. Life is simply progressing in the most beautiful fashion.

Right now, my life has stalled. I need to take a leaf from Nature’s book and learn to bloom again.

Strength to grow and radiate: so much harder to do than it should be.


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