Broken Bella Donna

{December 3, 2011}   I <3 my smartphone

I’ve never been one for the latest and greatest,  one who desired the new bells and whistles. Honestly, I’ve only ever really required my gadgets to do what I bought them for – cameras take photos, media players play media, phones make phone calls, the end.

Recently I got an attack of the fussies and decided I wanted a phone with a touch screen, or a qwerty keyboard, or both (I’m greedy). Sadly it was a wine-taste-beer-budget scenario. I wanted the keyboard for ease of texting and the touch screen because I thought it’d make me look clever. In the end I had to choose which I wanted more, and the ego won and touch screen it was.

Well shit. Aren’t I rapt!!!

Lovin’ the smart phone. I rarely accessed the internet on my old phone (only free access of social networks) and now I’ve sorted myself out with a data package (I see why they call it bill shock…) I’m set! Suddenly my phone has become a regular little PDA and I feel like I’ve finally stepped up to the new and exciting 20teens.

This is a big step for me. Traditionally I’ve been scared of new technology because I don’t know how to use it, and I’ve had to run back to my nerdy friends for help. In light of my new Nerdy Friends Free status, any step is a big step and this was a giant leap for me-kind.

Now if only my new found abilities to use my new spanky phone was matched by phone providers coverage…


I hear what you’re saying about the ego when it comes to technology … I have a real yearning for all things “i” right now – i-pod, i-pad, i-mac, i-phone. I currently have department store catalogues with the technology pages covered in drool. Really though, what am I buying into? I know that i-phones often break down, and that I really loathe touchscreens, so that’s two out of four. I also know that i-macs don’t have as much storage, whether it be a HDD or RAM. That leaves the i-pod, which would probably be a sound investment because I’d love to be able to use i-tunes. As for the rest, why yearn for things that I don’t have the confidence that they will reliably perform the tasks that I want them to? Because everyone else seems to have them … *sighs*. By 37, I thought I would be so over this :-/

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