Broken Bella Donna

{December 18, 2011}   Where is it?

It’s beginning to feel a lot like… every other day of the year.

Why doesn’t it feel like Christmas this year???

I can’t bully myself into it. I’ve tried listening to the music, I’ve tried watching the crap on tv. I’ve tried wearing the santa hat and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Yet it feels… like… blah?

It could be August. It could be February.

A lot of people have told me they feel the same way. I did get my cards sent out in reasonable time this year, and have recieved only one back so it seems like I’m the only one who did – ha ha! I put it down to – for me personally – the fact I’ve done a lot of my shopping this year online.

Perhaps when I wrap the pressies… Or do the final grocery shop…

If you listen to the right scaremongers, this is our last Christmas. So we should be celebrating it properly!


I just realised I inadvertently nicked the first line of your post for the title on my latest entry … oops. But I guess us nutters do things like that 😉

I hope the Christmas spirit has begun to hit you (with a sledgehammer!?!?!?) and you are enjoying yourself 🙂

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