Broken Bella Donna

{January 2, 2012}   The year anew

I was once asked by someone I used to be friends with if I had made a new years ‘revolution’. I thought that wasn’t entirely inappropriate – as every new years we all do an about-face and swear we’re going to change, and by the end of the year we’re all the same, ready to revolve again come January 1st.

Courtesty of…

(n.) resolution
a formal expression of opinion or intention made, usu. after voting, by a formal organization, a legislature, or other group and/or the act of resolving or determining upon a course of action, method, procedure, etc.


I again this year was asked by another friend (hello) if I had made a new years resolution… I said no, that I don’t do that, that I feel my self-improvement is an ongoing job and that I don’t need to start a new year to continue it. Or something pious, to that effect.

Upon checking the definition of resolution… I stick to this opinion. Instead of a new years resolution, I set myself goals that I hope to achieve, and I’ll be happy if I at least make some effort, even if they become unattainable.  I do not resolve to do something, I aim to. Sometimes my goals have tangible end results, sometimes they don’t – the fact is I often can’t measure the success. Is this the same thing? In my head it isn’t, however I suspect that comes down to interpretation. To me, resolutions are promises, whereas my desires are simply hopes…

Why set yourself up for failure?

So my goals for 2012?

  • To implement better eating  habits – breakfast is my key goal at the moment. I’ve never been a breakfast person and I’m hoping that by incorporating it into my diet – if not every day at least regularly – I might feel better. I’m also aiming for more fibre, less carbonated drinks and opting for wholemeal or multigrain over white. Have had some niggling health issues lately and I’m hoping these changes might sort them out.
  • To implement better exercise habits – this one is due for failure because I swear it all the time and it never happens. This goal is for nothing other than vanitys sake; I hold little interest in how exercise can help my health, I just care about shedding a few kg.
  • To finish my building project – now that one CAN be a resolution! As I bloody well CAN measure it and I’ll be filthy if I haven’t achieved it. This is a project that should’ve been completed by now, and quite frankly it’s affecting my happiness and potentially life quality at this stage so I’m dead keen to do this. If I can achieve this one, it may well make implementing better exercise habits easier too. Triple word score.
  • To cut back on life’s little stresses and  relax. Anyone who has read this blog in its entirety knows I have a problem with spazz attacks and stress. I am in the process of palming off some of my commitments so that I can try to reign in the stress.
  • Learn to be happy again. By cutting back on my stress and participating in things I enjoy. And again, getting this building project completed will remove me from a certain amount of the negativity in my life. (I feel like I’m hanging a lot on this project…)
  • To cut back on a lot of the clutter in my life. I know this has come up in previous posts. I just have too much junkity junk. I’m taking a multi pronged attack to this goal – I’m hoping to sell some, box up some of it to opportunity shops, give some of it away and to simply use up some of it – people give me gift packs of scented products and I end up hoarding them because they smell too nice to use. Well. I’m gonna use them this year!
  • And most importantly? I just want to do the right thing FOR MYSELF, every opportunity I can. Instead of doing the right thing for everyone else.

Fingers crossed that 2012 works out successfully, and that I can look back on it come December 31st, and be happy with my life.

Assuming we’re all still alive. Aren’t they threatening some end of the world crap for December 22nd or something???


Hello to you too 😀 I had “resolved” to say to you for days now that I received your Christmas card on 28 December, but had forgotten until now – so thank you very much, it was a very pretty one! One thing less to kick myself for forgetting 😉

I’m not too fussed over whether I call something a resolution or a goal, but I do agree with you that it is important that when I make a statement about something I want to do, it needs to be concrete so that I know where the finishing line is and how I am going to get there. As you said, no point in setting yourself up to fail because an objective hasn’t been clearly defined.

Another thing I think I do, regardless of whether it’s New Year’s Resolutions, 43 Things or 101 things in 1001 days, I overextend myself. I make too many plans, without focusing in on the core aims that I want to achieve during that time. As a result, my efforts are scattered and I tend to lose interest because I don’t feel like I’m achieving anything. So, this year I’m going to try and do things a little differently. My “resolution” for this week is to write some medium term goals that can be reviewed after 3 or 6 months, focusing on a few areas that I hope will have a positive impact on my life. After I’ve reached the end of that time, I can reassess where I am in to decide where I can go next. By doing that, I hope my efforts will be more concentrated on aspects of my life that will help me achieve some changes that will make a difference to my happiness.

Your “goals” sound like good ones (particularly the building project, I always enjoy hearing how that is going) … best of luck with them, and I look forward to hearing about how they pan out during the year!

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