Broken Bella Donna

{January 12, 2012}   Shit rolls downhill.

It’s funny how she gets so upset that he lashes out at her when he’s pissy, so upset in fact that she lashes out at me, and then when I snap back she cracks the shits.

Boo fucking hoo. Please don’t try and kick me around just because someone else is kicking you around and you haven’t got the guts to stand up to them. I am not that weak and I will not stand for it. If this upsets you – this is your problem. Not mine.

Life is rattling along at present – and my spazz attacks seem to be under control. Hooray!

And again, I have so much I want to say but the inability to translate my thoughts into words. Just random snippets of gibberish.


J – I am so tempted to email you to touch base, because I think I’m ready to – are you?

M – I removed myself from that situation because I no longer feel safe around you, you scare me, you cause me to spazz. I don’t trust myself around you and I wont be that girl. And I truly do not want you to be that guy.

? – is the reason I’m feeling better now, because I know you’re interested? Am I truly that fickle? I think so.

I’m so glad to have things under control. I want to go back to being that person I was when I was happy.

I wish I could get motivated to complete my project. Having it hang over my head is just… driving me nuts.

I need to finish my studies and I need to do it soon.

Maybe I should get onto that instead of trying to formulate sense out of gibberish.


Is ? who I think it is, or someone new? You need to e-mail me and tell me what’s going on 😀

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