Broken Bella Donna

{January 20, 2012}   Omens

Hrm. I believe in omens. I believe that you can be in the right place at the right time to catch something… anything… that means something to you.

I listen to the radio when I’m bathing. First an old Blink 182 some came on, I think it’s called All The Small Things. It was one of my (dead) ex bfs fave songs. I smiled and thought of him.

That got me thinking of people from my past, inevitably one guy who I used to be very close to who has been playing on my mind a lot. One who I’ve been considering touching base with again, against my better judgement.

A few songs later? A song by The Offspring – one of his fave bands. Ooo thinks I, an OMEN! Then I realised what song it was…

You gotta keep ’em separated…

WTF does THAT mean?


What does it mean? It means that they both had awesome taste in music 😉 As to what else it might mean? I think that’s one you’ve got to answer for yourself, but no matter what you choose, you’ll be okay 🙂

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