Broken Bella Donna

{January 21, 2012}   Upcycling

I’m stupid-crazy-nuts about this at the moment.

I want to fit out my home with lovely, unique, awesome recycled pieces that show my personality and (luckily for me) are cheap.

I love the idea of recycling goods to make them worth more, I love the idea of creating pieces that are art, or useful, or whatever that represent yourself and fit into the scheme of things so seamlessly that you don’t even realise that they’re recycled.

I first fell in love with this, as a concept, the day I decided I needed to buy a second hand colander to turn upside down, drill a hole in the bottom of and then use as the  light shade for my kitchen light. I have since found the PERFECT colander for the job, and it cost the princely sum of $2. (who knew colanders came with star shaped drain holes????)

I again fell in love with the concept the day I decided it was well and truly past time I threw out a coat I have loved since the day I bought it, ten years ago. After ten years of service, the cuffs and hems have worn and the collar has cracked… making it scratchy and not very nice to look at. Then I thought hey… why not make it into some very sexy cushion covers for my office sofa?

And THEN I decided that maybe, one day when I’m feeling confident, I might even try to make a little money from this new passion by selling upcycled cushions made from opportunity shop leftovers.

Fingers crossed this isn’t just another of my pipe dreams that never get anywhere…


That colander idea sounds like a winner, I like the idea of the star-shaped wholes. What colour is it, and will you have to respray it?

Brass coated silversomething… hard to say what it is, too strong for aluminium. And I’m leaving it authentic, it has a little character as it is 🙂

Nothing wrong with a bit of character. I like the sound of the brass coated silver, sounds like it’s going to look very cheery and cheeky – like someone else I know 😉

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