Broken Bella Donna

{February 15, 2012}   I have got to learn to shut up

So since I last blogged about how much I was enjoying my new relaxing lifestyle, and the removal of most of my spazz-inducing problems, things have changed – me and my big mouth! (Fingers?)

I’ve been dragged arse-backwards back into two of the most stress inducing things in my life since I last blogged… my local voluntary committment, and my previous job. I can handle them, and I will, but I was SO enjoying not having to worry about them. Frustrating. Must learn to say no.

In spite of all this, managed to have a fun day today in a situation that often (and nearly did) causes me great stress. Met a friend today from the first time, face to face, as she is someone I have known online for some time. It was fun and I really enjoyed it, and I’m proud of the fact that I got through today without flipping my proverbial lid.

It’s been a weird week. Visitors, manic cleaning attacks (arms are still sore, 48 hours later but damn is this house clean!), being dumped back into annoying situations, a brief foray into parenthood (cheap book contact SUCKS), and good old trusty Valentines day – nary even a text for moi. So I bought myself a very nice little industrial chic parking meter for my house, my gift to myself. Ha.


The presents I buy myself are often the best I get – I know exactly what it is I want and I can usually find it for a better price šŸ˜€

Sounds like even though life has been somewhat stressful, good things have been happening, and I hope they continue to!

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