Broken Bella Donna

{February 22, 2012}   How?

How does one change their attitude towards life?

It’s complicated. I always considered myself a glass-half-full kinda gal, but I often find myself just getting So Pissed OFF about some stuff. It’s frustrating. I don’t think I’m hugely negative – I do appreciate the fact that 80% of the population of the world would literally kill to have my ‘problems’, and that whilst I have food in my belly, money in my wallet and a roof over my head I really can’t complain… but I just get jack of getting the raw end of the deal. Just when things start working, something comes along and shits all over them and leaves me scratching my head wondering why I can’t just get a clean break for a change.

And then I get to thinking that maybe the problems that arise are just opportunities, or ‘fate’ telling me to get a move on, or to change my plans or whatever.

It’s just a see saw back and forth between positive and negative and I would like to get rid of the negative. Tho at least I am only ‘half’ negative. SEE. THERE. I DID IT AGAIN.


Life is, as previously described, somewhat up and down. For every positive comes a negative. Actually that’s a life. It’s more a 2/1 ratio so you can’t really bitch about that.

Off shopping tomorrow and I’m getting to pick up THE most AWESOME thing you’ll ever find as a random conversational piece in a lounge room EVER.


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