Broken Bella Donna

{March 2, 2012}   Another review

Here I am – uninspired to blog as late because I’ve CONVINCED myself that every time I blog about being happy, something comes back and buttfucks me into being unhappy again.

Am feeling ok ATM as I’ve managed to earn a little money and get out of the house which is always good. Nothing like getting a good physically laborious job done, and then get paid for it. Over the next two months I’ll be getting yet more paid work from that front, which will all go towards my building project.

Speaking of I got all excited. Have bought an awesome littleĀ  industrial chic conversation piece for my lounge, and am hoping to buy a nice (useful this time) industrial piece for my office. I love having something funky to build the idea of the room around, or to pop in the corner to surprise people when they walk in. The individualism of it just… rocks me. I just need to learn how to balance surprising things with the rest of the room, to look classy and matched without looking like an eclectic thrift shop.

Now I’m off to see how spell check likes ‘buttfuck’.


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