Broken Bella Donna

{April 4, 2012}   Sleepy

Man I’m buggered. It seems to be a reoccurring Wednesday thing.

Today I had to get up early, and I never set an alarm so I just woke and woke and woke… and woke so much I forgot to sleep. And now I’m sleepy.

And I feel physically sleepy too, because Wednesday is my Involuntary Hard Work Day. Wednesdays are the day I go out and clean up after a gaggle of girls, a bounty of beauties, a veritable netball team of kids under ten.  It’s fun and I enjoy feeling useful, so it’s all up and up on that front.

(I say involuntary hard work day because that separates it from the voluntary hard work days spend chasing my tail trying to keep this joint tidy. I do so look forward to the day when that ceases to be my problem!)

And I’m one step closer to that day – the early start was courtesy of my sparky arriving bright and early to get onto the first step of that job. The ball is now firmly in my court, to take the next step towards making my new abode snuggy, environmentally friendly and hopefully not a black hole for electricity and money.

(I just mistyped money as monkey. I should’ve left it – I also genuinely hope my new abode doesn’t become a black hole for monkeys.)

So far so good. Just need to beat down this tiny, niggling spazz attack dancing around the fringes of my brain, slapping me around the head with an octopus in late rigor mortis at every available opportunity, and life will be jolly good!


One step closer to independence … yaaaaaaaaaaaaay 😀

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