Broken Bella Donna

{May 2, 2012}   Squeeeee

I have no idea why my stomach is being so silly. I feel in a permenant state of hopped up, not quite spazz attack (most of the time) but definetely humming. Close to the fringe. I’ve been like this since PP started so I’m assuming it’s him.

Half of my brain is freaking out, because this is dumped on top of my previous spazz attack inducing activity which is occuring again in ten days time, the other half is sitting back thinking “How much weight am I gonna lose during this?”

Silver lining.

I often have a problem working out the difference between excitement and spazz attacks. I am having this problem at the moment.


*Side note: I had an epiphany. Turns out I realised I may be a bit of an attention whore for a man in a position of power. Who knew? Time and distance from conversing has given me the space to think along a few other tangents.


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