Broken Bella Donna

{May 11, 2012}  

Well how things change in such a short period of time.

The boy in blue, still mute, not sighted, not expecting to in a hurry.

The old friend? Well I should’ve learnt the last time I got burnt, or the time before that, or or or… you get the idea. The idea has been gotten. Hopefully by ME this time, instead of everyone else who keeps telling me to just walk away and stop flogging that dead horse.

My concerns that he was only permitted to talk to me in order for her to access my private information was in good faith, it seems. Nary a week after contact she has not only revoked it, but blocked both myself and my sibling (who had nothing to do with this?) from even seeing that they even exist on this planet. Talk about over reaction. Nothing has changed, except for me – my reaction to this has finally proven to me that I am over it. Sad that it pans out this way but c’est la vie.I’ve re read the convos and NOTHING was said to encourage this.

In spite of my over-it-ness, I would still like to contact him if only to tell him that I think he is the most pathetic spineless piece of work ever born and that if he’s prepared to be made a fool out of by the immoral, childish, insecure whore… well great for him. Sadly I don’t care to bother to tell him this, which is probably for the best. Let them hang, stalking their inboxes, waiting for me to blow my stack.

(it’s been well blown, in my imagination, rest assured.)

Not much else happening in life.

Spazz inducing outing is on again tomorrow – so far so good. Doing things a little different tomorrow – a bit more like what it used to be when I started spazzing, and less like it was last time when I was better, so lets hope that doesn’t affect anything negatively.

Taking the next step this coming week (or next, not sure yet) towards My Big Project, which I’m looking forward to.

Kicking it back ATM. Seem to have life wound back to something I can deal with at present, which is great. Can concentrate on relaxing and focussing on my mental health, which I trust will have a positive flow on to my physical health.

Does anyone read this blog anymore?


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