Broken Bella Donna

{June 17, 2012}  

The day after The Day and once again, cool as a cuc. Had two moments of brief concern but after the ten days or so that I had leading up, I think I did a terrific job – turns out you CAN function successfully after no solid sleep ( so much for the lusted for ‘good nights sleep’), on your feet for 7 hours with nothing in your stomach but a can of coke. Trusty coke.

Thinking I might be getting close to being able to write that one off as a done deal, and call it a success – I have won, I have beaten the beast. Huzzah!

I have also successfully delegated another (once a year) job off that caused me much spazz last year, so onwards and upwards on my simplifying goals.

(With my track record blogging of late, I fully expect to go down in a shower of shit soon, and rue the day I felt like I had beaten the beast…)

Spent some forced time with The Ex. It felt awkward unless other people were there. Not like it should be, where we can just talk, it felt like he was forced to be in my company, which he kinda was. His wife is pregnant again and he’s expressed displeasure in this.

Who knows what goes on in the mind of pervy men.


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