Broken Bella Donna

{July 15, 2012}  


I have discovered that you can look up stats on who looks at your blog… I’ve had an amusing moment of discovering that people have found my blog by searching for things like “midget’s”, “lady pissing/shitting face”, “crap rolls downhill funny”, and “maximum boob” but also that people have found me directly by googling my name. Not my real name, but Broken Bella Donna, or variations thereof.

I also see that I’m getting one hit nearly every day, and rarely any more – which makes me think the same person is checking this nearly every day. Someone who lives in the same country as me.

I’m worried that my family have seen me and googled it, to see what I’m writing. So, if one of you are reading it, please piss off. I need my private ranty space and I don’t particularly want you reading it.

And if someone IS checking this on a daily basis, please tell me who you are so I can stop worrying. I’ve not grown particularly attached to this blog and am quite willing to abandon it if necessary.

Time to re read all my posts and fret about who may have read them.


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