Broken Bella Donna

{July 20, 2012}  

I’m starting to feel better about life, in regards to spazz attacks. And in general.

I have my study mojo back! After nearly 18 months and have finally made a start on my diploma. I have always really enjoyed my studies (which is fortunate as I’ve now been a student of varying forms for nearly three decades!) and have actually hated not doing it… but the motivation just wasn’t there. With school and the government breathing down my neck, it just really hasn’t been something I’ve enjoyed – a chicken and egg situation. Has lack of study motivation caused spazz attacks or has spazz attacks caused lack of study motivation? Either way, all has alleviated… for now. My study institution of choice has not been making my life easy so hopefully this will remain on the up and up.

I gleefully pointed out to the crabby one that I will be the first person in the family with a diploma. She was quick to point out that she already has one, just doesn’t have the paper to prove it… No. This is not how it works. You do not have one, you’re just saying that because you don’t want me to think I’ve done something good, something you never achieved.  If you really do want one, you will have to go back to school and earn it like everyone else. Stop pissing in my weetbix and be happy for me for a change!

Am confident now with my ongoing voluntary committment – hasn’t caused me any concern all year so I figure it isn’t about to start now. Speaking too soon? Possibly. Can I credit my newfound level headedness on the supplements? Who knows. I do find myself handling life a lot easier these days. Maybe one day I’ll even get normal.

Pshaw. Who wants to be normal?


I am busily making purchases of strange and kitch items for The Big Project. I should be focussing on FINISHING the bloody thing before I start kitting it out, but I can’t help myself. I must make purchases of lovely and interesting items. I really am concerned that I’m going to get to the end point, where I set up this lovely space and make it very moi, and discover that I can’t make all these uniquely crazy pieces work together. That it will end up looking like a Second Hand Store of Loopy Items That Don’t Actually Match. Please don’t make me choose which of my beautiful items I want to get rid of 😦

I’m still trying to think of some unique and interesting – yet not ugly – lightshades.

I see a banana that needs eating.

I think I might spend my weekend doing homework and tidying – two jobs that are always guaranteed to make me feel better about life. I hate clutter.


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