Broken Bella Donna

{August 4, 2012}  

I just discovered I have a follower who has been following me for a year – and I thought… whoa. I’ve had this blog for a YEAR ALREADY???

Eating chocolate with popping candy in it = win. As an adult, I think we should all enjoy popping candy from time to time, just to remind ourselves how awesome it is, and what sort of stuff we’re missing out on now we’re ‘old’ and it’s no longer socially acceptable to eat this stuff.

Maybe we should all do that socially unacceptable childhood stuff from time to time. Just because we can. Eat popping candy, play in autumn leaves in the park (pref. after some other adult has just finished raking them up), stand with your face upturned to the rain, dance in public, laugh at yourself if you fall over, loudly declare “Oh poop!” if something goes wrong when surrounded by strangers, and skip… skipping gets you there faster than walking but doesn’t puff you out nearly as much as running. I used to skip EVERYWHERE in college… good times.


Remember I was so pleased that the Spazz Inducing Situation only had two more days to go? Turns out it’s three, maybe four – we’ve been given an extra one, perhaps two cracks at it, but they’ll be so much BIGGER and therefore much more STRESS INDUCING… and I’m feeling bizarrely calm about it. I’m anticipating much more concern as we get closer to the day, but right now? Meh. I know I can handle it. I know it’s something I could do in my sleep, and once we arrive at the day, once I’m up to my elbows in it I’ll be fine – better than fine, I’ll be completely competent and the picture of control. It’s the lead up I can’t handle. So far so good on that front.



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