Broken Bella Donna

{January 29, 2013}  

Don’t worry… be happy.

Easier typed than said.

Awhile ago I swore that I was going to make sure I included something happy in every post… I haven’t been achieving this. Right now I could not feel less like blogging happy thoughts if I tried.

My legs hurt. My brain hurts. I’m sleeping like shit and I’m unsure if this is due to my misery and confusion regarding the aforementioned person and their role in my life, or my sadness from my girl missing in my life. Or both. Or neither. But I’m pretty sure I know which.

But I HAVE to get past this and cheer the fuck up. I’m being a pathetic sadarse.

I know what will mak me happier! Lists! Lists make me feel like I have control over everything, lists make me feel better. I shall make a list IRL of jobs to do tomorrow and cross off (that one always makes me feel good) and a list of things in here that I like. And try not to repeat from last time.


  • Puppies
  • Making plans
  • Cooking
  • Finding an awesome bit of clothing at a secondhand shop that fits perfectly
  • Great hair days
  • Being surprised by people, in a positive way
  • Cute underwear
  • How soft the dog feels after a wash
  • Warm sun on bare skin
  • Rain on bare skin
  • Completing something
  • Hearing yes when you expected to hear no
  • Hugs
  • Handling stress like a normal person
  • Being there
  • Nice text messages

Mm. That kinda worked.


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