Broken Bella Donna

{November 5, 2014}  

I have had no end of things happen, or thoughts flutter through my head that have caused me to think… I’ll blog about that. But they’re either forgotten now, or deemed past the point of talking out. So here I am, with time (finally) to type and nothing constructive to say, no dire need to let the jumbled collection of letters form into coherent thoughts and leap from my occasionally poetic fingertips.

Spazz inducing day not only wasn’t spazz inducing but it REALLY wasn’t. Totally and utterly laid back and spazz free, not even a twinkle. In fact life has been spazz free,but whether this is lack of spazz inducing situations or good control, don’t know. Don’t care. Life is quiet.

Actually that’s one reason I’m keen on the jogging. I feel a lot of my spazz problems are due to the way I breath – I breath shallowly and incorrectly and when I attempt the breathing exercises that everyone else benefits from, I hyperventilate and get worse. I’m hopeful regular exercise will improve my cardio AND lungs and with any luck… reduce spazz.

Speaking of which, jogging is still coming along reasonably well, my cardio is improving and I’m able to extend it a little further each week so now my walk/jog is 75% walk, 25% jog. That doesn’t sound a lot but I did nearly 2km today (all together) so any progress is great progress! I also tweaked my ankle, which is not so good. Hoping this goes away with rest and doesn’t prevent me from doing anything further. I am looking to invest in some new gear as the stuff I have is well crapped out and hopefully the extra support will sort any issues out!

In 15 days it’ll be 5 years. I am gobsmacked how fast that has gone.

I want to blog about surprise penises and projecting reality, but that involves brains that I can’t be bothered braining today.

  • Not spazzing
  • Learning not to give a shit
  • Completing jobs
  • Knitting
  • Coffee
  • New clothes of the nylon kind
  • Lovely strangers who want to help
  • Being resilient enough to keep getting back up on the horse
  • Finding happiness in the small things.

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