Broken Bella Donna

{March 21, 2018}   Long time no write

A VERY long time no write, it feels. It feels like an age. An age where much has changed internally, but probably not much externally.

A quick reflection tells me last September – just over six months ago – I blogged about this very same concept, however I said I was unsure if the changes were good or bad? I now know that they are good. Very good.

I am on my lifes path, I can feel it. I have learnt much about myself in the past few years, and I love this wonderful progression that I’m making. Things are falling into place for me I think, not always in ways that seem positive – my hand is being forced in some ways, I am being forced to make some changes in my life by outside factors – but they’re changes that I had to make in order to grow, changes that are pushing me toward the person that I have always wanted to be.

I think I have found my true north?

I genuinely like the person I am now, and I think maybe I even love myself. I am at peace with me. I have found people who think the same way and accept me, which aides me in accepting myself. I am embracing the quirk. I have shed a lot of the people of my past and I deal with those relationships I am forced to maintain. But I do worry that I am turning into my mother, who is a hard, bitter woman. Not that I think I am hard nor bitter… but I’m caring a lot less what other people think, which is a part of her personality she WANTS people to think she has – she cares deeply what others think, but pretends not to.

I have PP to thank for much of this progression in my life – my turbulent time there has set me up to really move forward in my emotional and spiritual growth.


  • cooler weather
  • growth
  • taking up old hobbies
  • safety
  • chocolate cake
  • being involved in something bigger
  • online shopping
  • warm pyjamas
  • genuine friends
  • finding things you didn’t know you needed until you found them
  • finding people you didn’t know you needed until you found them
  • acceptance.

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