Broken Bella Donna

{November 20, 2011}   Post Secret

I like a website called Post Secret quite a lot. I check it every Sunday and almost without fail, find a secret of mine – sometimes one I didn’t even realise I had – on there, each and every week.

However I’ve never had one on there. I once posted one, but it was never published. Understandable, as Frank must get buttloads. But this fact, plus living in a small country town where the post office manager has a big mouth and is nosy, I’ve never sent any more.

Here’s my secret for today.

Nearly ever night, after eating a big meal I walk around outside in the dark and let my belly poke out and pretend I’m pregnant.

I don’t know if this is my dramatic side erupting, or it is some secret indication that I privately covet a baby…

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